Why I Switched from Nursing to Massage Therapy in Duncanville

Deciding What You Want To Be When You Grow Up

As a kid it is hard to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life to support yourself. I soul searched for a long time and finally realized that my heart was going to have to be involved somehow, I had what they used to call “a bleeding heart”. I was compassionate. I was a nurturer. So, I was drawn to nursing.

Working with Love and Kindness

I became a Licensed Vocational Nurse (a practical, hands-on nurse) and for the next many years I tried to help in my own way with my nursing skills. I did my work with love and kindness. As the years zoomed by I felt that I was not able to soothe and connect with the patients as closely as I would have liked to.

crystal-healingSeeking a More Personal Connection

My work was so connected to another’s agenda, the physician, of course. I came to realize that perhaps there was another way to connect with a person that would be more helpful, that would be more personal, that would allow me to be of more help…

Creating An Immediate Impact with Massage Therapy

Circumstances intervened and I ended up leaving nursing and enrolling in massage school. Now I saw that I could have an immediate impact on the way someone felt. I could help balance out a person’s energy. I could sooth tight muscles, I could have a nurturing touch on the skin, I could help decrease nerve discomfort. I could have an immediate effect on the way someone felt.

massageMassage Makes People Feel Better—It Soothes Them

I love that I can help make someone feel better. I love that my hands can soothe and smooth and relax and calm. My greatest compliment is when a client drops off to a peaceful sleep during my massage.

I am doing what I meant to do.

Working To Better Help You

Massage Therapy is a wonderful way to care for your body. Everyone has stress in their lives. Massage Therapy releases muscular tension created by stress. It encourages endorphins to reduce pain transmission and produces feelings of well-being. I would love to be of service to you through massage therapy.

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